Why write a blog about Food & Drink?

So about us…..mmmm what is it that I can tell you – well we are three ladies who are massive foodies, in fact when we are awake and not working all we talk about is food, we love food!!

We talk about what we are cooking, eating, the restaurants we are dreaming of visiting, what new things we have eaten and drunk, what new ingredients we have brought  and so  we figured that we should blog, after all we will always have something to blog about. We intend to  talk about restaurants, cocktails, the latest food fads, farm shops, takeaways, pop up food events and boy can we talk, so there will be  no shortage of blog material on here.

Between the three of us – we eat out at least once a month, family restaurants, Groupon and other voucher deals, late night suppers, grab a takeaway, create cocktails, visit farm shops and buy the latest bang on trend ingredients so we figured that writing a blog that local people could use to find out about food places to eat and drink and buy from was a great idea, after all don’t we all read the reviews on Trip Advisor before we book a holiday, I know that I do.  I scroll through endless reviews and pictures (I love the pictures) to see what the place is like, get any inside tips and do’s and don’ts so we thought our blog might be a more rustic version of this, only in a more local greedier kind of way.

The three of us are no experts, we are just three ladies joined by our love of food and drink and adventure, ordinary working mums who juggle our family needs and our bills so we can spend our spare cash and time on food, lots and lots of food.  So if you are happy to run with us and excuse the mistakes we make while we get to grips with this blogging thing then come along for the ride. Our journey is only just beginning and we hope it’s going to be a long fun one filled with many many courses….

Love  Lisa, Zoe & Liz



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