There’s nothing fishy about this place!


Arriving at Georges after a long old day trekking round Nottingham University – we were tired and very hungry! As we were twenty minutes early for our table we were shown to the small bar area while things were prepared. The bar might be small but its drinks menu was certainly not:  it had an amazing array of gin (such a shame I was driving), great looking cocktails and some really good beers too.  I opted for a non-alcoholic Georges Iced Tea – served in a glass tankard with a straw.  I loved it!

Soon enough we were seated and on our table, in the guise of a folded newspaper, was our menu which we browsed for a while before opting for our choices. There appeared to be lots of cool mix and match starters and, although we did not partake, the Scotch Egg which came to our neighbouring table looked delightful. Yes I know – a scotch egg for a starter, I was sceptical too but it looked big and lovely from what I saw … I will defiantly give it a go next time I visit.


So, with the mains on their way, we took time to check out our surroundings. Now Georges is not what you would call intimate dining, nor is it what you would deem a family restaurant, in fact it’s an eclectic mix of both I guess. Tables of all shapes and sizes packed into the space, lots of wall art, things handing from ceilings, odd lights, fish drawings, chalked signs and the like. The noise level was good, to say it was full to bursting while we were there – chatty and buzzing but not so loud that you had to shout to make yourself heard. Upstairs are George’s famous beach hut dining experiences, where tables for four are set inside cute painted beach huts, very retro – I really wanted to dine in one but when I called to book was told that I could not request one – it was luck of the draw to get seated in one when you arrived.  Guess my luck was elsewhere that day!  Still, I guess there is always next time – gives me a good excuse to go back.

Our mains arrived quickly and were delivered by a super-friendly waitress:  she was the right side of chatty, not too intrusive and with an engaging smile.  In fact, all of the waiting staff seemed to be smiling and enjoying serving which is a great sign of a good place, I think. Haddock and Chips – wow MASSIVE!  Served on a metal tray with a huge scoop piled high with freshly cooked proper chip shop style chips and a battered haddock – tasty flaky white fish encased in a fluffy, crispy light batter with a side of mushy peas, a large pickle and a gherkin to cut through the heavy flavours.  A tasty well balanced meal which my daughter loved, and for the first time ever she was full and fit to bursting with no room for dessert.

fish and chips

My partner tucked into a dirty big Burger and Stilton fries – not much to look at but my, oh my, they tasted amazing.  The stilton really packed a punch and the burger was well cooked. We were asked how we wanted the burger to be cooked and it came out medium, tasty and just the right size to accompany the chips.  Then there was Scampi and Chips – real scampi, tasty, delicious and golden fried.  My other daughter considers herself a scampi expert and she cleared her plate with a big thumbs up.

scampi burger

I opted for ‘Fish Finger’ – after all its 60 years since the fish finger was introduced and I thought it only fair to celebrate this great event, but this was no ordinary fish finger. It was half a haddock in a battered finger, nestled on a bed of mushy peas and encased in a toasted brioche bun with a pile of sweet potato fries – heaven on a plate! I love brioche, I love mushy peas, I love fish and I adore sweet potatoes!  My dish ticked all of my food goals, well presented, well cooked and super tasty – I was happy and full!  But as you know there is always room for a pudding.

fish finger

We opted for doughnuts, ice cream and rice pudding dishes with one daughter wimping out and just having a coffee….The rice pudding apparently was the creamiest, richest bowl of goodness my daughter had ever tasted and with a caramelised top – what’s not to love. The strawberry mint rock and blue banana ice creams tasted wonderful with a liberal sprinkling of hundreds and thousands and a good dollop of strawberry sauce on top they were lip smacking good – all of the desserts came with a side of candy floss – an amazing end to a fun and tasty meal.

ice creamrice pudding

So Georges:  it’s fun, it’s buzzing and it’s tasty, if that’s what you are looking for then go. It’s also good food served with a light hearted retro twist and I think if you wash the meals down with an amazing iced tea and finish off with a stick of candy floss then you will agree it’s a winner!!!


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