So where to eat in Newark on a Monday night?

Ok so it’s Monday night and we have an unexpected night alone without the children – let’s go out! After a quick drink in a few of the local bars we find ourselves standing on Castle gate discussing all the options. Indian, no not on a Monday, Chinese, no too far to walk, a burger, no having that next week. Italian then??? Ooh what about Il Castello we’ve not been there for a long time.

We arrive and are greeted with a really warm welcome and are shown to our table – as the restaurant is not busy we are given a choice of where we would like to sit. We chose a table near the window, the restaurant is not big by any means but it has a lovely friendly feel to it.

Once seated we order drinks and browse the menu. Lots to choose from – the mains include Pasta, Chicken, Veal, Fish and Vegetarian dishes all with a slightly different sauce’s flavoured with herbs, vegetables, cream and spices, there is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste.


For starter I choose the goats cheese, served on toasted bread with some green pesto and balsamic vinegar and a small salad side garnish. The goats cheese was beautifully cooked, charred on the outside and lovely and soft in the middle and was a tasty accompaniment to the bread and salad. Our second starter was Calamari, the batter was light and fluffy and the squid just right, easy to bite into and not over chewy as is sometimes the case it was served with a chilli mayonnaise which had a perfect little kick.


On to mains and I decided on Chicken Breast served in a Tomato, Mushroom, Pepper and Chilli sauce and my partner opted for the Veal topped with Tomato and Mozzarella. The mains came with a compliment of butter covered carrots, roasted sliced potatoes, peas and sweetcorn. The chicken was a good sized portion, well cooked, nice and moist, the sauce having a subtle fieriness every now and again, and a lovely tasty dish. The Veal was a good size with the Tomato and Mozzarella a good combination to top it off, cooked well and a tasty.

goats cheese

After clearing our plates and finishing off the vegetables we decided to look at the dessert menu….they had all the traditional Italian deserts along with some amazing sounding ice cream flavours which included Chocolate, Coconut, Hazelnut and Strawberry. Despite the desserts sounding lovely we really could not manage another thing so after a quick coffee we headed home, full and happy.

If you are looking for a lovely change on a Monday evening a visit Il Castello is a welcome change with lovely friendly staff and a menu that won’t break the bank.



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